Training Experience : 2 Decades
Stand Out : World Class Instructor

Dayne Aristizabal has been teaching Martial Arts for nearly two decades. After training in traditional martial arts as a child Dayne met professor Pedro Sauer and was introduced to Brazilian jiujitsu at the age of 14. Dedicating himself the the practice and training multiple times a day he would earn his black belt in 2012 after nearly 11 years of full-time practice under professor Sauer. Dayne competed professionally in Mixed Martial Arts and was the head instructor at the world-famous Pit martial arts in Arroyo Grande CA under Coach John Hackleman. Dayne lived on the Pit compound and trained under coach Hackleman daily. Dayne is currently still competing in Jiu Jitsu and teaches arrest control to law enforcement. Dayne is presently dedicated as a full-time coach and is available for private lessons.

Training Experience : 9 Years
Stand Out : Was a state champion

I've been wrestling/grappling since 2010 where I wrestled locally at Maple Mountain High in Spanish Fork. My senior year our school was undefeated and we became state champions. Being in a room with so much talent pushed me to continue my training. I started Jiu Jitsu in 2013 at UVU with the current coach Michael Pease. After a few semesters there I decided to expand my training and signed up for the Pit Elevated where Dayne was one of the head coaches. I've been with him ever since and have loved being one of his students. Besides Jiu Jitsu my other hobbies include fishing, rock climbing, weight lifting, and admiring naturalistic sciences such as Geology, Zoology, and Evolutionary Biology.