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Agema Kids program is focused on teaching Kids skills that they will cary throughout their lives and use to positively influence others. Through martial arts training Kids will learn self defense, discipline, respect, and confidence. We offer kids Hawaiian kempo as well as kids jiujitsu.

Kids Jiu-Jitsu

Kids jiu-jitsu is focused specifically on grappling techniques for both sport and self defense.

Kids Hawaiian Kempo

Hawaiian Kempo is a traditional martial art practiced by many professional fighters and hobbyists alike. Best explained as a system of Mixed Martial arts with a traditional belt program and a kimono. Hawaiian Kempo adopts effective techniques from all martial arts and continues to develop and grow. Hawaiian Kempo is a great way for kids to train Mixed Martial Arts in a controlled and disciplined environment. A traditional Belt program helps keep kids motivated and excited to learn.

Class Trainer

Dayne Aristizabal

Head Coach

Dayne Aristizabal has been teaching Martial Arts for nearly two decades. He has competed professionally in Mixed Martial Arts and was the head instructor at the world-famous Pit martial arts in Arroyo Grande CA under Coach John Hackleman.


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