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Traditional jiu-jitsu in a Kimono, these classes focus on jiu-jitsu for self defense and sport with an emphasis on specific gi techniques ie: grips chokes etc. Kimono is required to attend these classes. The kimono AKA (GI) is a traditional uniform made of heavy, durable fabric. Similar to other martial arts such as judo and sambo the kimono in jiu-jitsu is used to teach how to effectively use clothing to ones advantage in a self defense situation. The kimono is used to affect chokes and grips that would not be possible otherwise. Gi grappling techniques are of particular interest to military and law enforcement for these reasons. Many schools of thought believe that training in a Gi encourages a student to train slower and smoother and may aid in faster progression in Jiu-jitsu overall.

Class Trainer

Dayne Aristizabal

Head Coach

Dayne Aristizabal has been teaching Martial Arts for nearly two decades. He has competed professionally in Mixed Martial Arts and was the head instructor at the world-famous Pit martial arts in Arroyo Grande CA under Coach John Hackleman.


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